Best Mattress For Sciatic Nerve Pain Reviews 2022

Sciatica, the radiating pain in your lower back and hips which can make it difficult to get good sleep at night. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that runs from each side of our spine down through one leg – when there’s pressure on this area due to poor posture or worse still an injury such as whiplash for example then some people will experience discomfort and even severe shooting pains all over their body! When you find yourself with these symptoms, having a mattress that has particular design features tailored around alleviating them could be crucial.

Top Picks for Best Mattress For Sciatic Nerve Pain

1.Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt 12-Inch Soft Cooling Foam Mattress

Our most unique and pressure-relieving mattress ever, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt 12-Inch Soft Cooling Foam Mattress is exquisite in its engineering. With smart features like a comfort layer with a soft feel that mimics the natural feel of memory foam when it reclines, yet provides just enough support to not sag or become unstable on you while sleeping. The R2 research shows that our consumers continuously praise how their spines decompress back into alignment during sleep – as well as noting being less stiff in the morning because of uninterrupted sleep through out the night!

Aside from having an adjustable thickness for different body weights/size needs, this mattress also has a supportive layer at pressurized points around your  body. This maximizes air circulation and provides pain relief by minimizing body movement during sleep – meaning you won’t have to toss, turn or wake up due to discomfort coming from pressure on your sciatic nerve!

  • Adjustable thickness
  • Removable cover
  • Extra soft

2.Stearns and Foster Estate, 14-Inch Luxury Cushion Firm Tight Top Mattress

QueenThis 14-inch luxury cushion firm mattress is designed with premium gel memory foam and IntelliCoil technology to provide a comfort that will encourage deep, restful sleep. Stretch-knit holding Tencel fabric wicks away moisture to allow for comfortable sleeping experience all night long. The world’s finest bed wouldn’t be complete without the world’s finest innerspring: our patented IntelliCoil design makes sure every sleeper can find their perfect level of support – from someone who prefers extra padding to those looking for more precise alignment. Your new Stearns and Foster Estate mattress will give you an extraordinary night of sleep.

  • Stretch-knit holding Tencel fabric
  • Anti-Dustmite
  • Expensive

3.Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Bed Mattress 


Cradled in the safe and comfortable embrace of a Plush Pillowtop mattress, you will fall peacefully into sleep with that familiar feeling of support. But keep on sleeping, dreaming, because thanks to our Classic Brands Mercer Bed’s 12″ Cool Gel Memory Foam wrapped Innerspring Hybrid underlayer and strategically placed Orthopedic Support Foam, you’ll awake the next morning with no stiffness or soreness. Slowly making your way out from under the cover and away from this unforgettable bed experience, our memory foam quilted pillow top knit cover will wrap lovingly around your body for warmth as it seductively drifts off of you before slowing returning back to its position against our softly supportive coil system. Gentle fog billows below as you rise from an all night slumber, serving as a reminder of the quality your Classic Brands Mercer Plush Pillowtop Mattress represents as you make your way to another long and satisfying day.

  • Memory foam wrapped innerspring hybrid

  • Plush Pillow top knit cover

  • Expensive

4. The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and comfortable comfort. Built for couples, with patented Motion Isolation Technology, this remarkable mattress moves independently from your partner so you don’t feel their response to something like turning over or sitting up in bed. Free-Flow Air Channels give a breathable, cozy setup that won’t trap heat like some other types of mattresses do (like memory foam). Not just one founding brother but two founders bring over 30 years worth of combined experience engineering advanced aerospace and cushion design manufacturing to let partners sleep separately in total comfort on the Purple Mattress Mattress

  • Comfortable
  • Very heavy

5.Suiforlun 14 Inch Euro Top Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress 

Suiforlun 14 Inch Euro Top Hybrid Mattress is the best of both worlds – a pressure-relieving comfort, encased coils and responsive support. With 5 LAYER OF FOAM AND ZONED SUPPORT COILS, this mattress promotes better circulation and offers solid foam support to relieve pressure points while maintaining an optimal level of firmness for unique side sleepers or heavier couples. Suideerlun 14 inch hybrid mattress combines coil springs with gel memory foam for enhanced performance on a budget.

  • 5 Layer of foam
  • Affordable
  • Not for longevity

What to Look for in a Mattress For Sciatic Nerve Pain


Money may not grow on trees but it sure does buy you a great night of sleep. Sciatica, one of the most common causes for lower back pain in adults and children alike, is an uncomfortable issue that can be alleviated by choosing to invest in your mattress; buying quality over quantity will help relieve this painful condition! If you are working within a tight budget then look no further than discount mattresses which offer significant savings around major holidays like Black Friday or Christmas Day. However if money isn’t really an obstacle for either price nor time (it’s just so hard waiting those two weeks!), there is never any need to go without being able to get the relief from sciatica 

Quality Materials

You deserve the best of both luxury and quality in your mattress, which is why you should do all that it takes to get one. A poor-quality mattress may be cheaper but will only provide short relief at most before becoming useless – not exactly what a person needs when they’re trying to sleep! Higher-quality mattresses are more costly, yes; however, this investment pays off for years on end because even as an individual’s preferences change with age or weight fluctuation (or whatever else!) their bed stays supportive and comfy through thick and thin.

Firmness Level

The form of your mattress can make all the difference in how soundly you sleep. Mattress firmness is a subjective measure, and there are many factors that go into deciding which one will fit best with your body type – from sleeping position to personal preference!

Pressure Relief

Sciatica, a common neurological condition that causes pain in the hip and lower back areas of those afflicted with it, is made worse by side sleepers who are forced to put pressure on one leg or buttock. To ease this problem for sufferers, mattresses should be chosen according to their amount of cushioning; more so than anything else. Memory foam and latex beds have been found as some of the most effective at relieving sciatic pain due to superior cradling capabilities that make sure no parts are being squeezed too hard while you’re sleeping soundly all night long!

Edge Support

If you’re looking for a little edge, it may be time to take advantage of the benefits that come with having a strong mattress. Stronger edges can help provide more security when lying near them and give much needed support while getting in or out of bed. If your sciatica makes some movements difficult then this is an ideal way to get around those limitations without compromising comfort!


You may have come across countless mattress reviews online, but not one will provide the type of comfort that you need. There are many materials and each material has a different level of pressure relief so it can be hard to figure out what is right for sciatica sufferers. That’s why we recommend memory foam because these mattresses mold themselves to your body’s curves and provides excellent spinal alignment with its contouring abilities