Best Plush Hybrid Mattress – Reviews 2022

 As a side sleeper myself, I can attest to the fact that soft mattresses are good for those of us who need extra comfort. What’s more, is they have been found to be particularly advantageous in cases where you share your bed with someone else and want some measure of space between yourselves when sleeping on opposite sides. In order to answer this question properly, I’ve researched hundreds of different types. Here is my list with reviews from customers that were deemed as “best reviewed by consumers”.

You love the feeling of a classic innerspring mattress, but you can’t get your partner to stop kicking and rolling over on top of you while they sleep. Is there any hope for an uninterrupted night’s rest? Well, introducing new hybrid mattresses might be just what you’re looking for. These beds are made with both layers of foam and springs which means it has support like memory foam without sacrificing that springy bounce up we all know and love from traditional bedding. Hybrid mattresses come equipped with two different types of foams – one thicker than the other- topped by coils so no matter how much weight is put on them, they’ll keep bouncing back into shape.

Top picks for Best Plush Hybrid Mattress

Simmons – Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Simmons was an innovator of individually wrapped coils because they support you where you need it most & help eliminate partner disturbance. If not a wrapped coil, the mattress will feel less supportive like sleeping on a trampoline. That sounds ridiculous to us and we’ve been making mattresses for 150 years. We designed this mattress to be soft, so that when your body feels as if it’s floating in clouds all night long- no risk with our 100-night free trial.

So go ahead and try out different comfort levels during these restless nights without any worries about whether or not you’ll love them. Rest easy, we’ve got you. Our mattresses are made without mercury, lead and ozone depleters with low VOC emissions so that your indoor air quality is good. We’re also assembled here in the US by hand for a 150-year history of making beds—you can trust us to have all your best interests at heart. You won’t need any tools or experience because everything will be neatly compressed into an adjustable box right out of the factory – just move it over the home where you want them (just don’t forget about unwrapping).

  • Vacuum sealed.
  • 100% money-back guarantee on this product
  • Wrinkles in the top foam layer.
  • Slow delivery.

Simmons – Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep tight with your partner in a cozy, one of the best mattresses for couples that features three separate coils. No matter how much you and your S.O toss and turn during sleep or even if they try to wake up their sleeping mate – our individually wrapped coil system will isolate all motion so both partners can get quality rest at night without interruption.

Night sweats? Say goodbye to the discomfort of heat and humidity with a soft, comfy quilted cover from your favorite store. This bedding will not only keep you feeling cool at night but is also designed for an extra-deep sleep in any position. The bottom line: stay sound asleep through the rough patches of life so that you can get back up and do it all again tomorrow.Stay comfortable while sleeping on this soothing gel memory foam mattress pad by using our no-pressure system which always keeps air flowing freely between layers – giving each person their own personalized comfort zone without them ever having to worry about being too hot or cold.

  • Great for hot sleepers.
  • Plenty of comforts while sleeping on your side.
  • Thin and poor support.

LUCID 12 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress 

Sleep on top of a high-quality mattress that’s infused with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal eliminates odors and cradles your body while you sleep, so no more tossing and turning in an uncomfortable bed all night long. The durable yet soft fabric is made to help cool down the surface temperature for a comfortable slumber every time. Plus it also has aloe vera woven into its material which creates this calming environment perfect for relaxation during any time of day or night; especially when combined with individually wrapped steel coils designed not only to last but conform to your individual shape as well.

The Verena mattress is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking to get quality sleep without breaking your bank. Compressed and rolled, this bed sets up in minutes with just two people needed; it can also easily be maneuvered through narrow hallways and staircases! If after 100 nights of sleeping on our product, however, you are not satisfied we will give back every penny spent as well as provide all transport costs incurred during set-up.

  • Guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals
  • Affordable price.
  • Fiberglass leakage.
  • musty smell.

LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The bed is made out of heavy-gauge, 8-inch coils topped with transition foam and a 2-inch layer of gel infusions that provides extra support while dissipating heat normally locked by other types of mattresses which can cause discomfort during sleep or even overheating. It’s also great for people who suffer from joint pain as it conforms to your body shape without feeling too soft or hard at any angle you rest on.

What if you could sleep on a mattress in your own home for 100 nights before deciding whether or not to keep it? That’s the idea behind Sleepy Head, an online retailer that sells mattresses with up to a hundred-night risk-free trial. With just one click of their mouse, customers can now have access to more than 20 different types of premium and eco-friendly bedding at any time.

  • 100-night trial period
  • Sleeps cooler than conventional memory foam.
  • Need support.
  • Too plush.

Signature Design by Ashley Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress – 

Are you constantly waking up with back pain? Doesn’t matter if it’s due to age, weight gain, or just the wear and tear of life- there is a solution. Our hybrid mattress by sleep science pioneers Naturepedic offers relief from low back pain through its memory foam layer that cradles your body in comfort while also providing support for all those nagging injuries or aches we’ve accumulated over time. With 12 inches of plush pillowy softness enveloping every inch of your sleeping space beneath layers upon layers of soothing supportive coils wrapped around an ultra-breathable base fabric like no other on offer today; this dreamy bed will have you beaming at sunrise without any need for alarm clocks.

A bedding set that includes everything you need to have a good night’s sleep. You get the best of all worlds with this one, including plush support for your body and comfortable material so no matter how long it takes before falling asleep, you’ll find comfort in knowing that these products will give back what they take out.

  • No unpleasant odors.
  • Sleek design.
  • Need support.
  • Not durable.

Olee Sleep 10 inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen)

The mattress is composed of five layers including pocket spring, high-density foam to reduce heat, 1-inch Duraflex flexibility support for elasticity; our patented design includes an innovative dura pocket coil system that provides long-lasting comfort and support as well as keeps you cool while sleeping on the bed by dispersing your body weight evenly over the surface.

Dura cool I-gel is a technology developed to help you have deep and comfortable sleep with no temperature sensitivity. The mattress allows for the contoured support of your vertebrae while you are asleep, providing comfort that satisfies all needs.

  • Durable.
  • Soft.
  • Bed bugs.
  • Bad return policy.

Olee Sleep 12 inch Hybrid Euro Box Top Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen)

It includes a Queen size box top spring, made of steel wire coils that are heavily padded with high-density polyurethane foam. This provides luxurious comfort for those who need it without sacrificing firmness or feeling weighed down by other mattresses on the market today. The mattress has 80″ x 60″ dimensions (WxL), weighs 89 lbs., fits all frames, including metal bed frames as well as wood or platform beds; this means you can get your perfect balance between cool and comfort at any time.

This new and exciting mattress features a 7.5-inch heat-treated coil system that will maintain constant comfort for years to come! The newest feature is the cooling gel foam, designed with your body’s shape in mind so you can sleep easily on any side of this product – no more neck pain from sleeping too long in one position.

  • Great support.
  • Comes with a mattress cover.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Saggy over time.


How Do I Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Foam mattresses come in many different levels of firmness while some hybrid types only offer one option that may or may not be the right fit for someone with very specific preferences. However, if you want the most support possible then going premium might make more sense whereas those who prefer something softer will have an array of options available at their fingertips from memory foam made by brands like Tempurpedic or say Gel/memory foam hybrids such as mattress maker Linenspa which offer bedding solutions across various price points so they can find exactly what matches them-and sometimes even better than anything else on the market today.

Who Is a Hybrid Mattress Best For?

A mattress that lets you sink into it while still providing plenty of support, and some brands even use materials such as wool or cotton to add additional comfort layers. Mattresses made from only springs can transfer more motion than hybrid designs, which may lead them to squeak over time; the soft surface on hybrids helps smooth out those motions resulting in pressure relief for your shoulders and hips at night. Memory foam mattresses could sometimes be too warm during the summer months but most manufacturers have developed solutions involving gel-infused or copper-infusion technologies designed specifically for these purposes.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress-in-a-Box?

New hybrid beds are raising the bar for comfort, convenience, and environmental consciousness. With a mattress-in-a-box, it’s easier to transport your bed from one room to another without damaging or getting dirty in the process – saving you time and money. The packaging is rolled up like an accordion so that when removed; this type of new age sleep surface quickly unfolds with ease. Depending on which company makes your brand of foam mattresses, these unique products can be ready within minutes after removal as well.

Buying guide

Pocket Coils

A pocket coil mattress is made by covering each individual wire in cloth and then stitching the fabric together. This linking of coils gives them a greater ability to isolate motion, which makes for an extremely comfortable night’s sleep. With modern hybrids offering many different comfort levels, it only seems natural that they would be one of the most popular types on this market today.

Bonnell Coils

Ironic that a device designed to measure time, the hourglass-shaped spring system is typically used for relaxation. When you’re feeling stressed and tight in your shoulders or neck, curl up with an ergonomic pillow (or two) sandwiched between its cushioned coils like an aging sculpted ribbon of sunshine. This means that while they are less flexible and more affected by nearby coils’ compression than other sprung systems, it also translates into better motion transfer across those springs when they’ve compressed themselves – making for an excellent choice for folks who know what their needs will be from day one.

Memory Foam

With a slow response to pressure, sleepers can enjoy the sensation of being ‘hugged’ by their mattress. Memory foam relieves pressure which creates an optimal sleeping surface and provides better quality of sleep for you without having to break the bank with expensive mattresses. Another effect of these layers is great motion isolation – it hardly transfers across them because they are so dense compared to other materials like latex or coil springs. This makes them an excellent option if you share your bed with someone else (especially light sleepers).


Polyfoam is a type of foam that conforms to the sleeper’s body like memory foam, but it also responds more quickly and easily. This leads to slightly less pressure relief with polyfoams than you would get from standard memory foams, but they are much easier on joints as well because these types of mattresses can be flipped or rotated for optimal positioning. Polyfoam typically isolates movement better than traditional mattress materials which makes them good bedding choices for people who sleep in an active way at night since there won’t be any disturbances caused by motion transfer between partners sleeping on top of each other if one person moves during their slumbering hours.


A mattress is a large expense but with the right budget, it’s possible to find great quality. When shopping online for mattresses of all types you’ll often see how much more affordable they are and that makes finding your perfect match easier than ever before.

Sleeping Position

Eventually, our bodies will become accustomed to a certain type of bed, but it’s best not to neglect the alignment when purchasing one. For example, back and stomach sleepers need firmer beds while side-sleepers require more padding in order for their mattresses to feel comfortable. Luckily there are many hybrid options available so you can find a mattress that suits your sleeping position with ease.

Comfort System Material

A customer’s comfort will depend on how the hybrid is built. Customers should look carefully at what materials are used to build their car and see if they can find any weaknesses or strengths in its construction that make it more comfortable for them personally, rather than relying on a generalization about all hybrids being similar performance-wise.


Hybrid mattresses are a great choice for people looking to get the best of both worlds. Although they aren’t as popular with sleepers as memory foams or spring mattresses, hybrid models provide an excellent resting experience that comes close in many cases without costing the Earth.

Hybrids can also be quite affordable, depending on the model you choose. It’s important when shopping online for hybrids to do your research first so you can find out which will offer the most comfort and support based on your personal preferences and unique body profile. That way you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later on down the road. Finally, bear in mind that there isn’t just one type of material used to make quality hybrids – different combinations work better for certain customers.